Fields Challenge Sport (FCS) unites amateurs and professionals on a common platform to team up, challenge and train together for social change through the spirit of the sport.

Enthusiasts can become members by invitation and register themselves. Invite playing friends and schedule to come together for a match or training. Members can add ground nearby to reserve playing slots and view other players to form a team or create a challenge or training session. Players can also follow others to observe their playing records. A player can captain a team and invite others to a challenge.

Be a member

Becoming a member provide you with the best opportunity to view matches and schedules, follow players, be followed, create matches, create training, view and create grounds, view nearby matches and schedules, be invited to a team, create your own team and accept challenges, chat with your fellow team mates before and after matches, record history. Invite others, create your playing preferences. Create private matches and challenges. Register private grounds. Share the cost of the field. Invite a referee, accept to referee a match, socialize and much more……


Dear captain, thank you for inviting me to be a part of your team in the last match and for winning it. This platform helped me connect with other players, and know them. I will captain a match soon, amazing experience online and on-field.

Abdul Kareem